Happy, happy and grateful!

This weekend I have cried with joy several times. I cannot understand how I came to live a life like this, where everything I have dreamed of comes into my life. I am so grateful, so humbled – and so ecstatically happy! I could literally hug strangers (maybe I should!) and have been jumping up and down with this joy for a while now. So what has happened? Me and the love of my life have bought a house together. A real house – with a garden and everything! ❤

Now – I have learned from my teacher that when things are going really well, that is the time that most people stop practising. When I say practise I don’t mean asana (although in my case that is exactly what I have been lazy at), but I mean the inner yoga practises. The practise of meditation, of the yamas and niyamas like ahimsa (non-harming) of satya (always telling the truth) etc.

It is very easy to get wrapped up in the joy and to stop thinking about where it came from – but according to the laws of karma you need to do more good in order to get more good. If not the good seeds which created the good results in the first place will wear out. So lately I have been thinking about the importance of taking care of others, of continuing the good stuff I was doing before I met the man of my dreams.

So in the middle of the butterflies, the joy and the love I need to be able to refocus and direct my attention to others – to really listen, and be there. Take the time to be there for someone else, and to enjoy the feeling afterwards knowing that you have helped put some joy into someone elses life. Minding my thoughts, words and actions and trying my best to live according to my beliefs.

«May I take great joy in developing love and compassion for all beings. everywhere.»